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Charles Bombardier 

Founded by Charles (pictured on left) and Edith Bombardier in 1977 the International 180/185 Club, Inc. was a rebirth of an earlier effort called 180's International run by Baja Bush Pilots founder Arnold Senterfitt. The original goal was very limited; to have a small group of friends with similar type planes to go fishing, camping, etc. with. The club has grown since then into something more, with over 1800 members in 24 countries.


Past presidents have been Charles "Bomber" Bombardier, 1977-1990, Howard "Buz" Landry 1990-1994, Johnny Miller 1995-1999; Scott White 1999-2002; Dave Hayden 2002 -2006; Keith Peterman 2006-2010 and Bob Warner 2011-2014. The current Club President is Steve Goebel.

Below is an image of the original webpage on the first Club website hosted by Rob Duncan's AirBase1. (Please note the club's contact information has changed since this screen shot. Please visit the Club's website Contact Us  page for current contact information.) The Club is also looking for a picture of Edith so if any member out there has one please send it to us and we will post it here.
Club Founded by Charles and Edith Bombardier