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Welcome to the Club Photo Albums Page. By default only the most recently updated photos are shown in the list below. To see all photo albums click on the Search Looking Glass icon to the right and change your selection. 

Membership Requirements

You must be the owner of a Cessna 180-185 or enthusiast of these airplanes to be eligible to join the Club.  We are one of the few type clubs to require you love these airplanes as a prerequisite for full access and voting rights, and we are for that very reason one of the most active type clubs today.  

Membership Levels

Our Club offers three membership levels – Regular, Sustaining and Associate.
  • Regular Members - (current 180/185 owners) are entitled to all benefits of the Club including attendance at fly-ins and the annual Convention. Access to the website, membership roster, published newsletters and have voting rights for decisions affecting the Club.  (Information will be required validating ownership of the Cessna 180/185 for Regular membership.  It is very important you fill out all the blanks on the aircraft information for verification to process your application.)

  • Sustaining Members – (Former Club members/spouses)  
    Entitled to all the benefits of regular Club membership including fly-ins and Convention attendance without voting rights; website access and membership rosters, plus hardcopy newsletters.

  • Associate Members - (180-185 enthusiasts)
    Are granted full access to the Club website including Club forums and online access to the Club newsletter.  There are no voting rights or Convention participation.
Annual membership dues are $25 USD per calendar year. If you join in January through September, dues will apply to the current year. If you join in October through December, dues will be extended through the following year.