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Saddle cross tube blues no more
Thomas Anderson
Hey gals and guys,

I hope you all are off to a great start for 2019. 

There is not a skywagon owner or operator that has at one time needed to remove the tailgear spring/saddle assembly. Maybe to replace bushings, replace hardware, clean up rusty parts, go from wheels to floats, floats back to wheels. Perhaps it was an up-grade to a larger tailgear spring, remove broken smaller tailgear springs, or just an extra good inspection.

The headache, a frozen cross tube support. PN 0742100-5 or 0742150-2 into the saddle fitting.

The reason: Cessna and aftermarket PMA companies traditionally made the support tube a steel against steel, close tolerance, slip fit. Early Skywagon's had thin walled tubes. All except for XP Mods, have sharp edges. As soon as it was/is installed new from the installer the cad plating was scrubbed off leaving the metal un-protected from rust. Add a recipe of Time and oxidization, sometimes 10+ years, equals frozen parts.

Does this sound familiar?  We have, through the years, removed plenty of these from Skywagon's. We created a nice tool that fits inside the tube and used a shoulder driver to punch out the tube. Most of the time they came out rusty; pitted; scored; and needing to be replaced. Sometimes the support tube would not budge, sometimes it mushroomed out the tube on the driven end and then it was stuck for good. The outcome was to cut through the bushings and cross tube. Once out if you were lucky the tube could be removed on a press. More times than not the saddle and cross tube were bonded together and what was to be a $100-200-dollar job may have ended up big bucks with skyrocketing Cessna parts replacement.

We listen to the customers and we came up with a tactical solution, TITANIUM. In the 1950's and going through the 90's nobody would consider Titanium; way to expensive, hard to get, and hard to machine. Then in the early 2000's TW TOM and XP Mods started building parts out of corrosion resistant; lighter; stronger; and fatigue resistant Titanium. These parts are not subject to galvanic corrosion 

With our NEW FAA PMA approval now comes the XP0742150-3, a titanium cross tube. This is the 100% solution to seized parts. Never again will time be lost, parts be lost to our enemy, rust. 

The team at TLGW can get you one of these along with a haul of awesome other tailgear and main gear parts.

The Titanium cross tube, PNXP0742150-3 is $355 ea. The super TGS-001 removal tool is 47.55. As always, the club members get a 5% discount.

Enclosed are pictures of our TI parts including the NEW TI Cross tube

I will be at 3 or more flyins this coming year, hope to see y'all

Take Care