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10x10 Alaskan Bushweel Wheels.
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I just removed a set of Schneider 10" wheel adapters on Cleveland wheels with double puck brakes and 8.50-10 tires and installed 10" Bushwheels in the same configuration. They were working fine when removed, I just wanted Bushwheels. If I sell them, I would like them to go as a complete set of wheels, adapters, tires, and brakes for $2000 + shipping. The tires have about 1/2 tread.

The Schneiders were STC'd and I have the original STC and installation 337 but the STC is unsupported at this time as far as I know. Schneiders are bolted to the Cleveland wheels where Gars are similar but bonded to the wheels.

They are located in Alaska and I'll be back in Alaska in January and could ship them then.


I really dont know how to answer that... ill say any for now... but they need paper.
Bill, are you specifically looking for Bushwheels 10”  wheels or any 10” wheel conversion such as Gar or Schneider?
Does anyone have a set collecting dust or know of a pair?

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