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Global Member Map addition - HOW TO
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Hello Fellow Members


This question has come up a few times in the past few weeks and has become more frequent as more Members take interest in the Club’s website which is a good thing. We get almost 200 Visitors per day with an average of 50 members signing in to the website per day. This is good but we need to increase those numbers.


Here is what you need to do so that your Member Profile shows up in the Global Google Maps Membership Directory.


1.       You need to ensure that your user profile can be seen by the rest of the members.

2.       You need to ensure that your LAT/LONG is in the proper format. It needs to be xx.xxxxxxx . That’s 2.7 on your LAT/LONG setting. Otherwise it will not work.


Please see the steps below to make the Global Membership Directory Map work for you. These are the same instructions I have provided to the past six Members that had the same issue and every time when they follow the instructions the process works.


Your friendly WebGeek.








From: Club Webgeek []
Sent: September-30-15 5:12 PM
To: 'Graeme Dugdale'
Cc: 'Member Needs Help ';;
Subject: RE: Member Map addition


Mr Dugdale


This is the format your use profile needs to be in. Login and click on your name in the top right corner and select Profile. Then select Membership Directory and ensure you have the same settings as in this picture.  



Then go back to your Profile page again and select Contact Info. Make sure the Lat/Long are in the following formats. The Lat/Long format needs to be: xx.xxxxxxx . That’s 2.87 digits. If you do not follow that format you will not show up in the Global Google Maps Membership Directory.



-----Original Message-----
From: Graeme Dugdale []
Sent: September-30-15 12:13 AM
Subject: Member Map addition




Ever since the member map has been loaded on the new website I have been unable to load my position on the page. I have tried a number of times and tried changing the settings to no avail!


My home airport NZAR is S37 degrees 01.8 minutes E 174 degrees 58.4 minutes


Any help would be appreciated.



Graeme Dugdale

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