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How to ensure you are listed in the International ...
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Hello All


I wanted to post this suggestion for Club Members that do not live in the USA. It shows you how to update your Member Profile / Contact information Lat/Long location so that you will appear as a Pin on our International Club Member Map. If you live in the USA this is done automatically. Unfortunately for the rest of us we have to update the information manually which is also a benefit because you might want to use the Lat/Long for the location your airplane is located instead of your house J.


Here are the steps to ensure you are “on the map”.


First, here is what the map looks like. After you login you can find it from the top menu under Members Resources / Membership Global Map. We have almost 1,000 members but as you can see the Member Global Map is not that populated yet.  



To ensure you are listed on the Member Global Map please do the following:


1.       Login to the Club website.

2.       Click on the drop down arrow to the right of your name in the top right corner of the screen and select Profile.

3.       Under Personal Info select Membership Directory.

4.       Ensure either of the first two options are selected in order to appear on the Member Global Map.

5.       At the bottom of this same webpage you can also update your Profile Photo. Simply click the Browse button and select a really good looking photo of yourself J. The at the very bottom of the webpage click on the Save button to save your changes.

6.       Back at the Member Profile webpage click on the Personal Info under the Contact Info section. It is probably a good time to review all of your contact information J. Just a suggestion!


7.       Under the Primary Address section update your Lat and Long information. If you left the GPS in the airplane try It is easy to use. Just type in your address at the top of the webpage and hit enter.


8.       Click Save button at bottom of page to update your Personal Information section of your Member Profile.

9.       Then from the top menu on the website click Member Resources / Member Global Map again and see if you can location yourself on the map!

10.   Your done in 10 easy steps!


As always feel free to let me know if you have any questions or require assistance.


Arnold Villeneuve





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