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Approved Flight Manual
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Does anyone have the two page Approved Flight Manual (AFM) for the 180A? I can't find one anywhere in the club website or by searching on Google. It is a required document to be on board the aircraft along with C of A, Registration, and wt.&bal. I know the Feds approved the POH as approved data sometime in the mid 1970s but the older planes had the two page list of limitations as a separate document that has FAA or CAA signatures which make it approved data.

I have the Approved Flight Manual for both of my 1950 C-195 and 1951 C-170A but never have had one for the 1958 C-180A.

Looking at the club website, I also could not find anyplace where documents such as the Approved Flight Manual, 337s, and STCs particular to our planes are documented. It would be good to have a central archive available to the membership. I know there is a short list of club STCs and 337s in the back of the newsletter each month but I know there are many more out there that aren"t listed.

The Library Search function brings up articles and info from past newsletters, etc, and is not what I am suggesting.

Any thoughts or help with the AFM are appreciated.
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