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Aviation Humor

Ohmigod! Hillary's crash!
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Look where we are now, Is this Humor yet ?
100+ Ill politicians in jail since the 70's.
It produces the next great hype, I mean hope
Its hard to get over a pic of her in a swimsuit.
eeeeeeks I could puke
Ruin a good forum...heck...I thought she looked very conservative and patriotic...the attachment gal...Hillary and the whole rest of the left is on a bent...I just got done watching Phil Donahue on the O'Reilly Factor....hilarious!!!!

Lovin every minute of it....
What would Sigmund Freud say about our friend Jamie? Read this bio.

*start bio quote*
Occupation biomedical research-electron microscopist
Hobbies flying, backpacking, fly fishing+tying, beer brewing,photography, everything Alaska
Location St. Louis MO (for now, anyway)
Bio 200hrsTT(just a pup) own a 1959 C172. Blessings: Wife and 2 year old girl. Here for serious info gathering. Want float rating bad! Alaska FANATIC! Backpacked Lake Clark AK for 3 weeks, Flew AK hwy, kayaked with whales near Valdez.
*end bio*

somehow, "everything Alaska" sounds like total, complete, unadulterated bullshit. whatcha wanna bet Jamie is a bunny kissing, tree hugging, RDDB (as Michael Savage calls 'em)?

"everything Alaska?" FO&D Jamie. This forum is for HUMOR. That's what it's called. You ain't got none, buddy. You be fouling the nest with your insane defensiveness. We just be havin' fun here, but you?

You might be a lab tech, but you don't read so good, neither. alll your liberal humor will NOT meet the site criteria, which are conspicuous: "Aviation-related humor ONLY please!"

We have a radio talk show host here in Anchorage that would die to hear from someone like you. His name is Rick Rydell. Call him at 907-522-0650 6 am-9 am AK time and MAKE HIS DAY.
PLEASE give us more fodder? More great stuff like 'Hillary broke through the glass ceiling".(it was a mirror actually),
Okay, now that I understand the ground rules. I'll start putting all 'my' politically incorrect jokes up. Silly me, I though that this was for aviation humor. If your mommy never taught you how to play nice, then maybe I'll have to teach you.
now Stewart, don't be impugning bitches by making the comparison. this particular forum IS for humor (is sarcasm okay?), but there are limits to what you can say about bitches w/o crossing the line.
All this time and I didn't know it was a political joke. I thought it was a bitch joke.
I think skywagon drivers for the most part have or should have a light hearted sense of humor enough to laugh off any post on this forum........yes it is for "serious ihfo" however remember this stuff is for FUN..........anyone who has to be politically correct and is offended by a members joke or comment probably would be better off staying the ground or in the lab.
What was that number again?????
Ya that's definitely setting a baseline. I'm real impressed.
Way to ruin a good forum!
You have got to be kidding me???? Someone is ACTUALLY attempting to take up for Hillary Clinton? Not only is she transparently self-serving AND inept at anything BUT serving self, she is UGLY! And that's all politics aside............ here's some GOOD LOOKING conservative _ss. Now that we've established a BASELINE.........

And she got where she was holding on to who's shorts?? Hell if she was a conservative all you liberals would hate her too.
Well I can see why you all hate her. She is very smart, earned an advanced degree, fought her way through the glass ceiling, became a partner in a big law firm, raised a very nice, well adjusted daughter and has become a United States Senator despite being ruthlessly attacked by idealogs.
And, just what glass houses are you throwing rocks from?
This administration is a disaster! The national debt is to the moon again and Democrats and sensible Republicans are going to have to pick up all the pieces after this disaster is over and America comes to it's senses and throws these right wing nuts out of office!
You got a lot of damn gall making fun of Senator Clinton!
Stick to airpane humor!
Oh, Lew, you dunnit now. As the original poster of the Hilary crash, I feel an obligation to give Jaimedant an avenue for relief from your cruelty.

J, there is a NATIONAL number you can dial from any cell phone. I suggest you use it. if ever there was a time, this is it.

the number is: #7263. ALL cell companies support this number. If you don't have a cell phone, some land-line companies support it if you dial the prefix first. that number is 46#7263.

there is an easy way to remember these numbers. those phone types don't miss a beat.

on your cell it is: #SAND
on the land line it is: GO#SAND.

call these numbers and give 'em hell! Hilary will bless you for it.
you all have the cash to buy them liberal brooms ?
Or just hidin behind a tree with another's wallet ?
I don't find this thread very funny at all. Do you all want me to start posting MY liberal cartoons? Cause I'm liberal and DAMN proud of it!
yes, the children........ "the children of the Damned."
She was doing it for the children..........
Official NTSB Crash Site Picture

Senator Hillary Clinton of New York was flying cross-country last night in her private plane and was forced to make a emergency landing in southern Texas because of bad weather. She was unhurt and the National Transportation Safety Board officials have determined that pilot error was the major cause of the accident. The accident scene pictures including the wreckage of Senator Clinton's aircraft have been released prior to being returned to upper New York State for major repairs.

NTSB officials have also indicated that the Junior Senator was not wearing the appropriate seat belt or safety restraints, was flying in IFR conditions while only having obtained a VFR, single engine land rating, and will be cited for those violations accordingly. NTSB officials also say the absence of a post crash fire was due to the lack of sufficient fuel on board to sustain flight. There were no on-ground injuries.

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