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How to use the Forums as ListServ Emails

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LISTSERVE MODE : How to configure the Club Website...
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Hello All Active Members


The following instructions are how you go about configuring your Club Member User Profile to make the Discussion Forums work like an

email List Service, similar to what you were used to with the previous website. This is a two stage process:


First: You need to configure your Forum General Preferences. You can apply these settings to ALL Forums at this stage.  


Second: If you did not apply the Forum General Preferences to ALL Forums then you need to go to the individual Forums


want to opt-into and receive emails from.


Configure Forum General Preferences


1.      Login to the club website.

2.      In the top right hand corner of the screen click on your user login name and then select Profile.



3.      In the Profile page you will see several sections. The Personal Info section allows you to update your address and contact information.

The Additional Member Data is the place to update your aircraft’s Call Sign, Serial Number, and Airfield. The Website section allows you to

change your User Name / Passwords, tell people about your Interest, create and update your Photo Albums, and keep a library of photos in a

Download Bank. The Forums section allows you to specify your settings for the Discussion Forums.  


4.      In the Member Profile page within the Forums section click on the Forum General Preferences link.




5.      First you will want to configure which email address the Forums use to be able to send you a copy of the newly posted Threads or

replies to existing Threads.



IMPORTANT NOTE: It is important to note that you can apply the Email Address setting to all Forums at this stage.

If you do not you will have to configure each Forum individually.


6.      Message Delivery settings. This is how and when you want to receive emails from Forums.



7.      Authoring Message is only when you are on the website accessing the Forums. Do you want to use a simple text editor

or the advance one that allows you to use fonts and colors and insert web links.

NOTE: You should know by now what the above Check this box……. Will do!


8.      Identification allows you to have a different Forum display name than your Login Name. You can also upload your prison mug shot.  

Again: You know what happens if you Check this box…… Right!


9.      Click Save to apply your settings. Please note that the next time you come back to the Forum General Preference

web page the “Check this box….” Check box will be unchecked. That is normal. If you checked it previously your settings

have been applied to ALL Forums during that last configuration change.


Now, if you did not “Check this box to apply these xxxxxxx options to ALL my forums” then you will have to configure each Forum

individually. This latter approach allows you to opt-in to only the Forums you are interested in. After you clicked the Save button

you will be returned to the User Profile section.


10.   In the Forums section click on Forum Memberships. The first option you get is to stop receiving emails from ALL Forums.

Then there is a list of all of the Forums on the Club’s website. You can manage your individual Forum settings by clicking on the Pencil icon.



11.   Click on the Pencil icon to configure an individual Forum’s personal settings. The settings for each Forum are the same as the

Forum General Preferences but can be configured for each Forum individually.



Once you do the above you will be able to use all of the Club Forums in ListServe mode and interact with them via email instead of

going online to the website.


I believe the above should address the following:


-        Ensure that all Club Member discussions are recorded and preserved for the future.

-        Allow All Members to interact with ALL Forums via email instead of online. This is called ListServ or Email Distribution mode.


Several members are already using the Email Forum integration successfully. Please give it a try.


How Can I Get Help?


On all of the Club Website Pages there is the following menu:



As always, both myself, and the people at Club Express are here to support you. If you have questions you can send them to me

directly or to . Club Express Support staff will only be able to answer questions about web site functionality

and not Club activity.


Arnold Villeneuve



Learning is Social: Let students build knowledge together in an environment of open exchange and judgment-free feedback.


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