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Aircraft Parts For Sale

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Hank Fore

Smorgasbord of C185 Parts For Sale 4 95


First come-first served. Pay the shipping and its yours out the hangar. 11 147


Cleveland wheel and brakes for sale 3 114

Jim Dominik

206 Middle Row Seats 4 64

Stephen King

Mac 401 Spinner & Back Plate Needed 1 15


Landing Gear Works 10" Tail wheel fork w/ axel 3 128

Dave Marmon

IO-470 4 116

Andrew Gross

Cessna square 180/185 yoke emblems for sale 1 56

Ronal Smith

Prop spinner & bulkhead, and prop governor for sale. 1 61


Tail Spring Assembly and ABI 3400 Baby Bushwheel 2 126


Cap 3000 for sale 1 121


8.05 x 6 - 6 Ply tires for sale 1 121

Thomas Van Matre Jr

Cessna 180 Battery Box 1 105

Tom Wanner

Early 180 cowl flap set 2 105

Dave Edwards

ABI 10" tire and wheel assembly 5 252

RA Potts

Turbo Normalizer Kit and STC 2 301

Dan Fandler

Dual articulating seats for sale 4 313


FRAUD ALERT Aaron Hill Eugene Or. 12 1778


Classified Ad 1 279

Eric Cope

Mac 2A34 - C203B prop and spinner assy for sale 1 183