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Flight Instruction - Regular and Mountain

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CFI 5 217

Adam Webster

article on landing (pro tips) re: CE 180 / 185 5 389

Heath Nay

CFI for 185 in Little Rock area 1 92

Adam Webster

article on landing the Cessna Skywagon 180 / 185 1 207

Mark Zimmermann

3 Point or 2 Point? 8 437

Adam Webster

dedicated 180 / 185 instructor available 1 227

Dan Fandler

Amphibious mountain ops 4 168


apologies 2 187

Terence Gandy

C180 Instruction wanted in Chicagoland/SE Wisconsin 4 324

Jamie Hastings

Need an experienced 180 instructor in Northern Oregon or Southern Washington 3 241

Larry Smiley

Looking for a 180 instructor 1 249

Larry Smiley

C 180 check out Panhandle WV 2 203

Chris Reeves

C180 CFI Near SE Wisconsin 3 194

Aroop Ghosh

C 185 check out 5 332


Seasoned Skywagon Instructors in NC 3 263

Stuart F

Northern Indiana 3 201


Mountain, Tailwheel, Off Airport instruction and Ferry 2 397

Past Forum User

Looking for180/185 instructor in Washington state 6 1115

John Riordan

Urgently Wanted: Michigan-Based 185 Instructor/Pilot 1 285

Max Daddow

Initial/transition 185 instruction. 3 435