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3-Blade Hartzell 84" 3 41

Josh Leibovitz

Cracked Engine Mount 9 129

Alexander Clark

Prop acting whacky ( sometimes) 16 264

John Carroll

Prop for Sale 1 59

Bob Parks

Need to balance my prop 1 25


Knisely or Acorn for PPonk? 6 94

Alexander Clark

Is the Atlee Dodge enigine mount the same as the Seapalnes West engine mount? 3 80


90" mac on a 185? 2 74

Alexander Clark

What percentage of 90 octane auto gas mixed with 100LL would you accept? 6 122

Dennis Lockling

Replacing engine, please provide feedback 4 169

John Bentley

P Ponk ) 470-50 1 215

Lloyd Cuttler

McCauley 2 Blade Prop For Sale 2 123

Stuart F

IO-520-D Fuel Flow 4 123

Tom Langeland

C180 RAJAY Turbo STC 5 127


P-Ponk v. TX Skyways 3 286

Homer Phillips

Need STC/337/Field Approval 4 243

Conrad Jett

P-ponk vs Texas Skyways 5 1002

Lou Bartell

Texas skyways O-470-U/TS 9 200

Jamie Hastings

180J O-470R cowl flap interference 8 142


mac prop/spinner 3 250