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Alain Bosco

New member... 3 82

John Bentley

1955 180 8 332

Austin Levin

Young buyer advice 24 5667

Jamie Hastings

Look here for corrosion 2 699

Adam Webster and Buyer's agents 1 537

Lee Cafferty and Buyer's agents 3 383

Adam Webster

acquisition help available 1 311

Dave Wartenberg

N185TC 6 631

Chris Reeves

A&P Louisville area 2 339

Houston Hayward

What is a reasonable price..... need help here. 7 1089

Stuart F

Price This Hypothetical 180 5 722

Stuart F

Differences By Year? 4 673


Rigging assistance needed in Denver area. 7 447

Michael Riordan

pre-buy inspection 1 943

Michael Riordan

High Time Airframe 7 2410

Conrad Jett

Engine: P-Ponk vs. Texas Skyway 1 970

Austin Levin

Maybe found one 1 816


Finding parts - Fuel assembly, caps and mis. 2 478


Purchasing a Cessna 180 14 2307


Sunshield 4 724